Expert Services

1. HR Tech Sourcing

(co-)creating an HR Tech Event – Funnel – Discovery Day


2. Ad Hoc Independent Trusted Advice

I. Startups: Go to market Advice, Market Analysis & Positioning

II. Companies: HR Tech Navigation & Discovery

III. Organizations: Keynotes, workshops, masterclasses


3. Independent Advisory Board Membership

under NDA


The Network

HR TECH Valley started early in 2017.

In this period of time we have built up a network of members, clients and friends in the industry by pioneering together in HR Tech innovation.

These relationships were as inspiring for us as we were for them. 

Having a quick response from our network  saves you a lot of time just by asking your question in the right way, to the right people. 

HRTV ecosystem.png

Any Stakeholder in HR Tech is able to join HR TECH Valley by selecting one of our membership formula’s.

  • HR TECH Membership: for startups, scale-ups and larger companies that develop software for HR. The significance of HR Tech is being taken seriously: all technological solutions with a focus on HR and/or the Career Owner.                      


  • Associated Membership: for any other HR Tech Stakeholder, individually and/or as a company.                          

Who can become a member?

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Kempische Steenweg 293/35
3500 Hasselt -Belgium