Expert Services


1. HR Tech Sourcing

(co-)creating an HR Tech Event – Funnel – Discovery Day


2. Ad Hoc Independent Trusted Advice

I. Startups: Go to market Advice, Market Analysis & Positioning

II. Companies: HR Tech Navigation & Discovery

III. Organizations: Keynotes, workshops, masterclasses


3. Independent Advisory Board Membership

under NDA


The Network

HR TECH Valley started early in 2017.

In this period of time we have built up a network of members, clients and friends in the industry by pioneering together in HR Tech innovation.

These relationships were as inspiring for us as we were for them. 

Having a quick response from our network  saves you a lot of time just by asking your question in the right way, to the right people. 

HRTV ecosystem.png

Who can become a member?

Any Stakeholder in HR Tech is able to join HR TECH Valley by selecting one of our membership formula’s.

  • HR TECH Membership: for startups, scale-ups and larger companies that develop software for HR. The significance of HR Tech is being taken seriously: all technological solutions with a focus on HR and/or the Career Owner.                      


  • Associated Membership: for any other HR Tech Stakeholder, individually and/or as a company.