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Terms & Conditions

Who can become a member?

Any Stakeholder in HR Tech is able to join HR TECH Valley by selecting one of our membership formula’s.

  • HR TECH Membership: for startups, scale-ups and larger companies that develop software for HR. The significance of HR Tech is being taken seriously: all technological solutions with a focus on HR and/or the Career Owner.                      


  • Associated Membership: for any other HR Tech Stakeholder, individually and/or as a company sharing the belief that HR Technology enables organisations to focus more on people.                         

Why should you join?


It is easy to talk tech with tech people or HR with HR people, but merging all worlds and talking about HR 4.0 is a far greater task. This is exactly what happens at HR TECH Valley, making it an environment where HR Tech, experienced HR Tech entrepreneurs and HR people combine their knowledge.


Sometimes you need to partner with other HR Tech companies for a bigger project. HR TECH Valley stimulates and facilitates cocreations and thereby offers you the umbrella under which you can find those partners.


You value the benefits of being among peers, of engaging with people who understand HR & breathe the HR Tech business. HR TECH Valley is THE network of HR Tech companies & HR Tech Stakeholders. Its purpose is to bring all those likewise visions together on a structural basis.


You’ll have access to the HR TECH Valley experts themselves! On top of that, thanks to the HR TECH Valley sponsoring partners, HR TECH Valley members have direct access to the expertise in tax, legal, GDPR, Intellectual Property, subsidies, … Through free sparring sessions they direct you towards solutions and opportunities. If needed, you can engage them at reduced HR TECH Valley prices.


HR Tech is a huge, expanding global industry making it difficult for HR Tech customers to navigate. To them HR TECH Valley is an entry to the right HR Tech companies.

HR TECH Valley directs the leads it gets to relevant HR TECH Valley members and organizes meetups like pitch nights, roundtables, discovery days, lunch meetings, etc.

Caring means sharing. Within the HR TECH Valley community, we stimulate our members to share their experience and insights with other members. And why not share the workload in projects that benefit different members, like joint marketing efforts, administration, social media amplification etc.


As a member your logo will be present on our website. You also will get your own, dedicated profile & company page on the HR TECH Valley website (content provided by you). Furthermore, you will be mentioned in relevant publications.

HR TECH Valley members get access to exclusive events and can participate at reduced prices to all events involving HR TECH Valley. These include roundtables with HR Tech users, Pitch Nights, Congresses, Seminars, Fairs, Virtual Events and others.


HR TECH Valley will amplify your marketing and PR efforts when this adds value to your message and to the positioning of HR TECH Valley. In all HR TECH Valley communication members will be the preferred showcases of HR Tech best practices and by doing so HR TECH Valley will function as a premium ambassador of your company or product. Send us your success-stories or spread out your expertise!

When shouldn’t you join?

You don’t

  • believe in open innovation.

  • like to be challenged by your peers.

  • aim for synergetic value.

How to become a Stakeholder

1. Choose your formula

2. Download & complete the Application Form & agree to the Terms & Conditions of the HRTECH Valley Membership.

3. Go to our onboarding page to continue your application

How to become a member

Step 1. Choose your formula

HR Tech Vally

Membership information

Who are our members?

Well, there is a yearly formula for everyone;


  • HR Tech Providers  : Startups, scale-ups, enterprises in HR Tech

  • Associated members  : Business, HR, IT or Legal service providers

  • Individual HR Tech stakeholders  : HR managers, consultants, academics,…

Step 2. Download & complete the Application Form

Every member has to complete an Application Form to be approved by the Board, cover any legal stipulations and agree on terms & conditions, 

Download logo.png

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Step 3. Go to the Onboarding Page

You're almost there!

To continue your application, you can upload the completed Application Form and leave all necessary details on our Onboarding Page. 

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