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What we do

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What HR Technology is out there? How to search it? Why do you need it? How can you handle it? Who is involved? How can you stay relevant to your Employees? What strategy is best? Why? What? How? Who? Etc.


With our talks we cover all these questions and relevant topics, as a Businesspartner for HR Tech or process driven. I.e. 

  • The Evolution of HR Tech

  • The impact of Career Owners on HR 

  • HR 4.0

  • Future Trends in HR & HR Tech

  • Employee Experience & HR Tech 

  • Zoom in on an HR Tech Category

We also provide talks about our articles. Check out our Updates.


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HR Tech Disrupt 

Strategic Advice

Round Table

Plotting an HR Tech Map


For Business and in company projects we offer non vendor related advice.


An HR Tech disrupt consultation for anyone (re-)considering HR Tech.

From "Go to market" to "Best of breed". Have your HR Tech checked by experts and discover your full potential.

Strategic advice for companies questioning their HR Tech and consider a new implementation. Know your ROI and what you are measuring.

Round Table On Demand is a meeting setup with specific providers for specific needs. 

Plotting an HR Tech roadmap is practical advice for companies that have decided to renew their HR Tech. This process includes strategic advice and recommended solutions tailored to your needs.