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Why you should get involved too

Ever since the birth of HR Tech Valley back in 2017 we are on a mission to actively bring together HR Tech companies, HR Engagers (HR managers, companies and organisations) and HR Service Providers in a vision driven community. Starting out with a handful of collaborating HR Tech Entrepreneurs our organisation evolved to a digital driven community with over 50 members.

HR Tech Valley VZW is not a federation, nor a trade union, nor an incubator. Our non-profit organization is a collective of HR and HR Tech stakeholders who together create the tools and solutions for tomorrow and transform HR into a future-proof HR 4.0.

The most important principles in our ecosystem are open innovation and sharing of expertise, focused on the challenges of Career Owners and the quality of the end-user experience.

We are convinced that current and future developments in HR Tech offer solutions for existing and future work-related challenges. HR Tech will serve as a catalyst that enables HR Professionals to engage with the expectations of today's employees in their evolution towards becoming a Career Owner.

Career Owners are candidates and employees who are aware of the value of their talents and who like to control their own career path. With them being aware of their value and position on the labour market, these Career Owners will behave as consumers; consuming only the best jobs and destroying the worst ones in their feedback on the internet. Read our Updates-page for more articles on that topic.

As a non-profit organization, HR Tech Valley manages and facilitates the dialogue about this HR Tech-inspired (r) evolution leading to 'HR 4.0', by means of;

  • creating an ecosystem where open innovation and knowledge sharing reinforces its members

  • facilitating cocreations, solutions and awareness

  • building expertise, sharing knowledge, providing strategic inspiration and delivering concrete guidelines

HR Tech Valley Status Report

We are already three months into 2019, as Time Flies and the Spring brings more sunlight in our lives, HR Tech Valley continues it’s path to become your HR Tech Reference.

So, what have we done?

Well, we’ve launched our new website in january, because our audience deserves the best user experience and also we’ve set our ambition to organise several events to connect different stakeholders and feed co-creations during the year.

Therefor we offer organisations an HR Tech Injection on their event, strategy-meeting, training or brainstorm. This we do by talks, workshops or by calling on our members for a pop-up HRTech Fair or a Roundtable.

At the end of January we held our HR Tech Valley Business Club. This is a networking-event that only allows members of our community to get acquainted. It was the first time HR Tech Valley organized such a meeting and we would like to thank our founding member Prato-services for the invitation to the speaker at their customer-event (Polaris19).

In february, just as Josh Bersin was talking about The Employee Experience Platform, we hosted a webinar together with Federgon about “HR Tech, a treat or a threat?” and not much later we hosted a Webcast with SD Worx about “Why you need a Digital Employee Experience Design”.

It is no coincidence that there are little differences between Josh Bersin and HR Tech Valley when it comes to insights on Employee Experience Platforms.

Meanwhile we kept our industry knowledge updated by exchanging thoughts with other thought leaders within the industry and of course our members. This last group keeps on growing as we are now welcoming new members for the third month in a row.

By joining our community they provide us with new insights in their solution that we can use when we advise companies and organisations, it is a win-win situation!

Other organisations are curious about that knowledge and asked for an interview, so we coöperated with the research of Startups.be/Scale-ups.eu on HR Tech and ended the month at The Big Squeeze, a Tech Startup event in Brussels where several of our members were posted.

In March HR Tech Valley started with the preperations for its contribution to the PXL post-graduate HR course for SME’s. Together with other HR stakeholders PXL wants to upgrade the HR of an SME. Also we got interviewed by VDAB about our vision on tomorrows Labour Market.

As for events, we were present at the The Future of Work by VOCAP with a Pop-up HRTech Fair and on Hack Belgium with a 20 minute HR Tech injection course in March and we started April on the stage and at the roundtables of The Next Level HR Event of VOKA-Oost Vlaanderen.

How far are we?

We would way that we’re good on our way, but still a long way from our final destination.

We have been called an incubator, a trade-organisation and an HR-federation.. Yet we are none of these. HR Tech Valley is a collective of HR Tech and HR stakeholders who share knowledge and co-create the solutions that answer the needs of Career Owners and their end-user expectations.

Our goal? Creating awareness and offer direction (guidance) in this whole new world, to people who are boldly willing to go where no one has gone before.

By creating the pop-up HR Tech Fair, the RoundTable-concept and the variety of talks we have made our offer tangible for future clients and members as well. Looking forward, these concepts are being appreciated by HR and organisations who are rethinking their HR.

Also, people who want to know more about HR Tech - all categories and details, business cases or other - come to us as a Single Point of Contact for the branche or niche. Now that is the way we like it; being your HR Tech Reference.

As for the growth of our community we like to refer to our web pages “already involved” and the welcoming articles of this month.

Where are we going?

Well, while we must admit that our programme wasn’t that clear in January, it is now a permanent ongoing concern. If we have the ambition to become The HR Tech Reference when it comes down to disruptive, innovative HR Tech, we still have to grow towards our ambition and become even more valuable to our members.

Therefore we are working out our planning and commitments towards the end of the year, including the concepts of the Pop-up Tech Fair, RoundTables, Pitchdays, Knowledgesessions, a variety of talks and more. Not all are set up to be made public, but when it is possible we will share it with the world.

What is in it for you?

Also look at our Services page.

HR Techie

  • 1 free consult by industry expertise

  • Access to our HR Tech Network

  • Discount on all initiatives involving HR Tech Valley (own and third party evens)

  • Amplification & joined marketing

  • Recieving Calls & Offers

HR Service Provider or HR Engagercces

  • 1 free service

  • Access to our HR Tech Network

  • Discount on all initiatives involving HR Tech Valley (own and third party events)

  • Cocreation- possibilities; from a customized request to getting involved in solving someone else's challenge

  • Employer Branding: HR Tech Valley stands for HR 4.0 with a focus on the end-user experience (the Career Owner)

Nearby you?

Below you can find our appearances and commitments so far. Do we meet you there? Do check out our online-calendar!

  • April 25: Talk at the Communicate Smarter Event by MeetRoger

  • April 26: HR Tools session @HR Forum - Voka Oost-Vlaanderen

  • May 9 & 10: The Next Web - Amsterdam (NL)

  • May 14: HR Tech & Innov Day - HRM.info

  • May 23: Digital Day - HRPro.be

  • May 21: Employee Experience Day - PW.net (Utrecht - NL)

  • May 29: Knowledgesession (one of three) - Legal issues for HR Tech Startups - BXL

  • June 6: HR innovatie in de Zorg - Digital Employee Experience - Probis (Vorm vzw)

  • June 11: HR Tech Fair - Verso

  • June 13: Roadshow Data & HR Prequel @ Voka Bizclub Mechelen

  • June x: Pitchnight Federgon

  • HR Tech Valley Business Club Meetings

  • September 17: Inspiration Day @ VDAB: Future HR; HR Trends, Challenges and Technology.

  • September 17-19: Zukunft Personal - Cologne - HR Tech Valley Roadtrip

  • September 24: Digital Academy - VOKA-vkw Limburg

  • September 21 - june 2020: PXL-postgraduaat HR fo SME’s - 2019-2020

  • October 10: HR Class - The Future of HR: Trends, Challenges and Technology @ Voka Mechelen-Kempen

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