What HR Tech trends are setting the stage for 2025?

There are plenty of "Trend predictors" for 2021 and maybe your own strategy already has included/excluded many of these forecasts. Nevertheless, this article includes five HR Tech Trends that are setting the stage for the Future of Work in 2025 - from my point of view. - HM

HR Tech Trends for 2021

Remote work is a stayer and that evolution has consequences.

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1. Video becomes a commodity

Starting with a no brainer. Video is going to be everywhere in 2021! Video will become the new “employee experience” feature that companies will embrace. Especially in remote recruiting where Job board Stepstone already acquired Cammio, while ATS Jobtoolz partnered up with Jobortunity and Brockmeyer last year - not to mention the double capital round of Remote of EUR 46 Million in total.

Other video interview applications out there are Clooks, Flipbase, Wysiwyg, Skeeled or even AI driven MoodMe or Neurolytics (who just received EUR 250k in seed funding).

Also, other HR Processes will see video as an improving feature in Employee Experience Platforms, Learning Applications, Collaboration and/or Project Management Tools. Those who have not yet integrated with any video provider yet, will do so in 2021.

2. Learning becomes the new wellbeing

"Wellbeing, engagement, and learning" will unite forces as remote workers are more productive when given the autonomy to organize their work themselves, yet they are also vulnerable to a disconnection when their wellbeing and engagement needs to be enabled remotely and there is a lack of digital intuition (skills).

Remote Skills & knowledge applications like MobieTrain, gpal, RMMBR, Swipeguide, WorkplaceBuddy (for MS365), Manual.to, Quink, Wooclap, Skilldeal or even neuro learning startup Stellarlabs could help to ease the transition of working in a semi- or fully digitized environment by teaching personalized low level digital skills and more. Yet some of these functionalities could also be featured in any relatively new Learning Management System and that list is growing with the minute.

In 2021 these Learning applications will take it one step further than video or gamification and embrace virtual & augmented reality for learnings, wellbeing exercises and to engage the workforce. Applications like Covince and PlayitSafe are already integrated into several learning applications already. Besides learning, a VR game as a teambuilding or a 15-minute VR break with an application like Zenview could also boost engagement and wellbeing with little effort.

Nevertheless, staying connected, engaged, and productive got a whole new dimension by working remote. “Coffee Corner” conversations are most missed as overarching knowledge and sense of culture is being passed through in this kind of talks. Not only enterprise Social Networks like MS Yammer, Facebook Workplace or Slack (acquired by Salesforce for $ 27.7 billion) could support this kind of knowledge sharing.

The most value is created by Employee Experience Platforms, Feedback & internal communication applications who have enabled learning and development features or can do that very easily like Elium, Intuo, Learned.io, MeetRoger, Alundi, Spencer, huapii, RecognizePeers, Speakapp, Officeapp, UQ.works, Whale, Privmx, Treams, Frizby, Truqu and many more.

3. Performance Management gets a restyling

Time registration becomes ancient. Ever since the early eighties’ organizations were measuring performance by the hours tha