These 2 Belgian HR-tech players join forces

Our member Jobtoolz, one of the most well-known and used recruitment platforms in Belgium, and Jobortunity, the disruptive video platform that screens candidates up to 3 times faster than the traditional method, are joining forces.

Covid-19 does not only bring inconveniences, but also opportunities. Jochen Callens and Dieter D'hondt, the founders of Jobtoolz, are always looking for ways to relieve recruiters of their administrative and repetitive tasks and give them the opportunity to focus on their core business, namely recruiting and selecting the best talent.

Kevin Vergucht, Jan Coppens and Thomas King, recognise themselves 100% in this philosophy and launched Jobortunity as early as 2017. This technology enables the recruiter to get a much better picture of the personality, talents and intrinsic motivation of candidates, thanks to video technology.

When both spoke to each other during a networking occasion, it soon became clear that they could add value for one another. Typical for the Flemish hands-on mentality, they connected their systems in a matter of weeks.

Mieke Warmoes, HR Business Partner at Jet Import, the company that distributes Red Bull and Fever-Tree in the Belux, is already delighted with this initiative: "We already worked with both companies separately, but the integration will ensure efficiency and ease of use. Every year, more than 2000 enthusiastic candidates contact us. You want to offer each of them, in the most efficient way, the correct follow-up and of course you also want to find the right new colleague between so many candidates as soon as possible. That is why the thorough recruitment technology of both Jobtoolz and Jobortunity is a welcome solution for us. The fact that they are now combining their creativity will give many recruiters wings.

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