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Thalento®, launches ThalentMe, a brand-new solution for your current workforce

Press Release 9/6/2021

The corona crisis has made people think about their lives, both privately and professionally. So, it is quite possible that your employees now look at their career differently. That they have new goals and want to develop new talents. ThalentMe helps you to better understand and support your employees.

ThalentMe is the brand-new solution of Thalento®, your partner in assessments. The name means as much as 'tell me about my talents' and that is exactly what ThalentMe does. Your employees can show what their talents are, with a view to personal development. ThalentMe starts from the individual to identify learning opportunities and challenges for each employee. It is currently available in Dutch, French and soon in English.

After more than one year of working from home, some lockdowns, and an accelerated digital shift