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Streamlining e-Learning and internal communication: FLOWSPARKS meets ROGER

Pressrelease 17/02/2021

HR Tech Valley Members FLOWSPARKS and MEET ROGER join forces!

The power is in the combination

FLOWSPARKS provides an interactive, easy to manage software to create attractive e-Learning in-house. Especially for blue-collar workers, e-Learning can be the perfect way to stay up to date with safety guidelines, COVID-19 measures, instruction forms or evaluations. Getting the right message, or in this case e-Learning, to the right worker at the right time is still a common barrier. That's where MEET ROGER comes in: a smart platform on which companies can manage their entire internal communications. From a single dashboard, messages are automatically pushed through various channels such as work or private email, SMS, WhatsApp, a web application and/or smartphone app. The channel of choice can be determined by the empl