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Resilience – Opinion: Isn’t separating HR from Technology what got us here in the first place?

By Hans Mangelschots - Business Manager HR Tech Valley

Organizations who are working on their resilience are catching up on their digital developments. Working remote and remote talent management has made HR Tech a popular and supportive asset in becoming more flexible while maintaining or optimizing productivity. This flexibility and productivity often exceed the processes or domains being supported and the market is responding accordingly. Customer personas get clouded. IT and operations step in. It fastens the decision-making process, but that is just one part of a successful strategic implementation. HR threatens to be forgotten in the decision-making process, hence needs to step up and show leadership to be included. This got me concerned.

Only HR knows and can point out the strategic value HR Tech enables; on top of the support it offers. IT Operations knows a thing or two about sustainable innovation. Together, they could create a flexible environment that enables people and productivity to thrive.