Recovery Mode as the New Normal?

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COVID19 also struck us, yet we believe that in every challenge there lies an opportunity. Instead of rushing into well-known recipes, we tried listening to our community and the market with a non-Academic, professionally inspired, Priority Check Survey.

By asking businesses the most prior challenges that matter to them, right now and in the future, we can steer the market-offer in the right direction and match the right solutions.

I.e. on our most recent online network event MatcHReboot on 25/06/2020.

In this article we will discuss the answers.

123 people participated in the Survey we launched together with the partners of the event. Of these participants, 41% were active for an organization with 50 employees or less and 25% for an organization of 1000 employees or more. The HR Industry had a major stake with 58% of the responses, followed by Public Services with 16%. Both Telecom and the Financial sector excel in absence.

The difference between HR and other industries, or between larger and smaller organizations is striking and signals a divergence in what The New Normal could look like.

Recovery Mode as The New Normal

In general, 58% was heavily impacted by COVID19 and 46% had barely started their Digital Innovation Journey. Yet 61% of respondents has revised their opinion on remote work and digital HR, due to COVID19. Still, it seems like most organizations are set for Recovery.

The conditions created by COVID19 have had an impact on today’s priorities for HR, who now must communicate with their employees to keep them engaged, well and safe - more than ever.

On the other hand, with the pressure on Growth & Sales (55%) as a top priority AND Talent Acquisition (34%) not being equally important, doesn’t that put the pressure on current staff?

Those employees need to be upskilled or reskilled to maintain future relevance. Hereby they absorb company culture and can positively contribute to the new future challenges.

On the medium term, Upskilling and Reskilling establishing its position could refer to the wake-up call some organizations received to install that Lifelong Learning Mindset. Yet, more likely Learning will serve the business goal of changing the company culture to a more digital, customer centric one.

The fallback of Safety & Wellbeing in the future (11%!!) is remarkable considering today’s uncertainties and the growing pressure due to the Sales & Growth priority, which remains important on the medium-term too.

Surprising: HR Analytics not even a medium-term target (11%), yet -in time- could predict outcomes and contribute to strategic workforce planning as the Digital HR Strategy is on top of mind with 33% of the questioned organizations.

It seems almost a natural reaction that most organizations are set for recovery: recover lost growth & sales, become more efficient to recover lost productivity and all of that in a new, more customer-centric, company culture.

The vast majority seems to have set their objectives on the short term to keep those goals on the medium term. It seems like this “Recovery Mode” is becoming “The New Normal”, instead of the leap forward everybody was hoping for.

David is not Goliath

When we look at the Business Priorities at larger organizations we are in for a surprise: no Growth & Sales in the top three priorities for 2020 and beyond! Could it be that larger companies also have a bigger buffer?