Partnership Jobtoolz & Brockmeyer takes recruitment marketing in Belgium to the next level

[Press release partnership Brockmeyer - Jobtoolz]

Brockmeyer Jobmarketing Experts, the Dutch market leader in job marketing, and Jobtoolz, the most user-friendly Belgian recruitment platform for SMEs, are joining forces. For the Belgian scale-up, this is the first step towards Artificial Intelligence, an immense step forward. Brockmeyer praises this new international step and brings recruitment marketing in Belgium to a whole new level.

This partnership makes it super easy for Jobtoolz' clients to put vacancies online in the spotlight to the ideal target group. The mission of the Belgian recruitment platform "help recruiters turn the daily hassle into a positive experience" is thus emphasized even more.

Better candidates at a low price in the shorter term

"Our choice to integrate Brockmeyer into Jobtoolz was made very quickly", say Jochen Callens and Dieter D'hondt, co-founders of Jobtoolz. "We already offer the best technological solution in the field of employer branding and applicant tracking for SMEs, but inflow of valid applicants often remains the biggest challenge in today's war for talent. Through the link with Brockmeyer we don’t only offer more than 1700 channels worldwide, but the extensive partnership with LinkedIn also plays an important role in this".

Via smart algorithms that analyze the data, Jobtoolz' customers get the right channel for their vacancy at all times. "Thanks to the partnership, we know where the best talent for the job is and can fully commit to this. For our customers, this means better candidates at lower costs in a much faster time frame," adds Arne Vanaelst, digital marketer at Jobtoolz.

Unique in Belgium

For Brockmeyer, Jobtoolz is the first partner in Belgium and a new step towards further internationalisation. "We are extremely excited about this new partnership", says Sebastien Monnet, partner-manager at Brockmeyer. "Together we are strong. Jobtoolz is optimizing their recruitment strategy with our services in order to serve SME clients even better, while we further expand our international scope. Moreover, this collaboration allows us to make our unique and very complete job marketing portal even more user-friendly". Monnet is also very satisfied with the rapid implementation process. "There are only 4 months between the first interview and the integration. This shows that Jobtoolz was extremely flexible and efficient.

Jochen Callens, co-founder of Jobtoolz, Sebastien Monnet, partner-manager of Brockmeyer, and Dieter D'hondt, co-founder of Jobtoolz focus on international growth with the partnership.


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