More HRTECH Back-2-Back: Engagement & Internal Communication

This session of the #notjustawebinar HRTECH #Back2Back in collaboration with Thomas More University of Applied Science is now available on the HRTECH Valley Media Channel (you can also subscribe!).

In a digital setting two HR Innovaters, MeetRoger and Social Seeder, each talked 20 minutes about their digital solutions on Engagement & Internal Communication.

With Stephanie Pattyn, lecturer at Thomas More - HR, moderating the two camps as a true ring official, nobody went home injured after the show.

Because we realize not everyone had the opportunity to be in the live audience and this might be very relevant information for everyone active in the field of HR, we started an HRTECH Valley Media channel on youtube to give you - our online audience - access to our video's.

Let's get ready to rummmmmmmmble!

PLAYER 1: MeetRoger

Inform, Connect and Engage your entire workforce.

MeetRoger makes internal communication easy, targeted and measurable.

  • Inform all employees, whether they are in the office, on the work floor, on the move or at home. Make a successful connection by putting their interests first.

  • Employees can be notified via their preferred communication channels, at their own time and in their language of choice.

  • Messages can be targeted and tailored to increase relevance, interest and reading behaviour.

All from one centralized dashboard.

PLAYER 2: Social Seeder

Social Seeder activates your most efficient advocates: your employees.

Potential new employees need to know about you as an employer. Potential new customers need to know about your values. And who better to tell this story than your current employees ?

  • Recruit, activate and engage your community of ambassadors. Segmenting these allows you to tailor your communications.

  • Send targeted company news (or related news) to these ambassadors and encourage them to share it on social: "it only takes a few clicks."

  • Analyze your results and optimize through detailed reporting on self-explanatory dashboards, you’ll be able to measure the success of every item you send. Learn, adapt and improve.

Relive the Back-2-Back Session


This was the last episode of 2021.

We'll be happy to see you, when we're back for more in 2022.