More HRTECH Back-2-Back: Attract me & get me started

The first session of the #notjustawebinar HRTECH #Back2Back in collaboration with Thomas More University of Applied Science is now available on the HRTECH Valley Media Channel (you can also subscribe!).

In a digital setting Lancr and Entrili each talked 20 minutes about their digital solutions to attract talent and get it started.

With Stephanie Pattyn, lecturer at Thomas More - HR, moderating the two camps as a true ring official, nobody went home injured after the show.

Because we realize not everyone had the opportunity to be in the live audience and this might be very relevant information for everyone active in the field of HR, we started an HRTECH Valley Media channel on youtube to give you - our online audience - access to our video's.

Let's get ready to rummmmmmmmble!

Corner 1: Lancr

Lancr provides a total workforce retention solution in order to help companies to improve their relationship with employees and freelancers.

Lancr builds personalized applications to create a talentpool. With this application, content like benefits, trainings, vacancies, and events can be shared with the organizations' pool of talent.

The benefits of having your own talent pool application: increased use of the training and benefits program, stronger employer branding, communication will be easier and more effective, the recruitment process will be faster.

Corner 2: Entrili

Entrili is your number one expert for the integration of new employees.

Entrili supports the onboarding journey for both employers and employees, from A to Z.

The result of seamless onboarding are; greater job satisfaction, a more efficient operation, and a stronger click.

This personal approach goes hand in hand with digital tools that make the process measurable, transparent and user-friendly.

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