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Digital solutions for HR? 550 providers are ready to help!

The HR technology industry has thrived like never before over the past decade. Ever since major ERP market leaders bought small HR Tech startups that could develop their software in the cloud (2011). Since then, the number of HR Tech suppliers has grown exponentially, also in the BeNeLux according to HR TECH Valley.

HR TECH Valley

HR TECH Valley is a community of HR TECH Stakeholders who share the vision that HR Technology is a means for organizations to focus more on their people.

The organization and its members have been raising awareness about the evolution of HR technology since early 2017, when Joris Peumans and Ben Greeven decided to create an organization dedicated to HR technology and new HR strategies that embrace that people-centered vision.

After building a reputation in the current market by helping organizations, companies and startups, the community has grown organically into an HR Tech Industry Knowledge Center, with a focus on BeNeLux HR Technology.