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Member on fire: Start-up Mobietrain raises one million euros for its Mobile Learning Platform

Press Release d.d. 25/02/2019

Young company wants to encourage companies in Europe and the Middle East to learn mobile.

MobieTrain, a mobile platform for personalized learning paths, raises one million euros in a capital round at the Limburg Investment Company LRM, ING and a number of private investors. The innovative start-up is located at C-mine Crib in Genk.

The mobile learning platform puts mobile usability first and offers companies a very personal and dynamic learning path for their employees. The young company has quickly acquired an extensive customer base in the retail sector where it wants to strengthen its leadership position.

Mobietrain now also wants to pave the way in other sectors.

In 2019, the company wants to grow strongly, to double its team and to use the fresh capital to deepen and professionalize the learning platform even further.

Mobietrain, founded in 2015, wants to make learning fun, challenging and above all effective. The company offers tailor-made personalized learning trajectories through a platform that is completely focused on easy use via your smartphone or tablet. Through 'gamification' it ensures timely new triggers, games and tests so that the knowledge locks better and is refreshed in an inspiring way. The company wants to combine artificial intelligence with social learning in order to offer each user a personalized training at the right time.

The start-up is ambitious and wants to distinguish itself clearly from traditional learning platforms by offering customers the opportunity to respond at lightning speed to new trends and situations that arise.

"We want to ensure that companies can easily provide their employees with new knowledge or insights without having to invest a great deal of time and money. Done with hours of training where after a while you can not see the forest through the trees ", says Guy Van Neck, CEO Mobietrain.

"We go for a personal learning trajectory that perfectly matches the company's DNA, the objective of the learning trajectory and the individual. We offer our software and companies have the opportunity to build their own mobile learning application. If a company launches a new product or a new service, for example, the employees receive half a day of training which is then supplemented with challenging quizzes and questions in the app.

In the past they would be training for three days and then the message is not always completely over. Employees can also test their knowledge at any time or refine it via the app on their smartphone or tablet. Through 'gamification' they can challenge each other or just gather information. In this way they are able to quickly master the most important must-knows of a new product or service. "

100 000 users

The team moves to C-mine Crib and also wants to expand rapidly. In 2019 the start-up will grow from eight to fifteen people so that they can further focus on the marketing and the international roll-out of the platform.

"We are already very active in the retail sector and we want to strengthen our position in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. But our platform is of course applicable in every sector, just think of the automotive or banking sector. So there is also immense growth potential. And not only in Belgium, we want to focus strongly on the launch in Europe in the coming months and the Middle East is also on our radar. We will start right away because next week you can find us at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ", says Guy Van Neck.

Major brands such as Vans, Massimo Dutti, Zara or Albert Heijn are already avid users of the platform. At the moment, more than 10 000 users in ten different countries are already active on the platform of Mobietrain to retrain or to simply get to know new products or processes.

By the end of 2019 the counter should be at 100 000 users. "Mobietrain is a promising company that is experiencing rapid growth. We strongly believe in the potential of Mobietrain and in the need of companies to provide employees with fast and efficient knowledge through a digital and personal application ", says Tom Aerts, Head of Smart Services & Manufacturing at LRM.

- End of press release -

More info:

Guy Van Neck, CEO MobieTrain


Goele Lemmens, Press Officer LRM