Learning Technologies from the Benelux

Learning Technologies


Categorizing technology is not always easy because of the difference between focus, functionality and application.

  • Focus: The process where the solution is most valuable

  • Functionality: The features of the solution, which might also be valuable in other processes

  • Application: The actual processes where the solution is being used and this could be more than one.

This visual is meant to give people an idea of a certain solution according to the three characteristics mentioned above.

Learning is also a part of the employee experience. Even more, when done right it can even enhance performance and unleash people. Learning Technologies also are devided into three groups: Management Systems, User Applications and Content Creators.

Management Systems

(Complete) Systems managing content, channels, learnings, participants.

User Applications

Front end applications making the learning process more effective, fun and engaging. With movile first microlearnings, gamification, VR, videomanuals, coaching, etc.

Content Creators

These platforms create and manage only content to be provided in learnings. From platforms providing study materials and topics, to high-end adaptive learning solutions, both are mentioned as content creator.

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