In the near future, employers are going to use apprenticeship budgets differently.

Amsterdam, November 2020

Employers will not cut back on employee learning budgets in the coming months. This is shown by research among Dutch and Belgian companies with between 250 and 2,000 employees, carried out by MobieTrain, ZigZagHR and HR Tech Valley. More than 79% of respondents indicate that budgets remain the same or are even increased. Although they do not expect a decrease, the budgeted amounts for learning in the workplace have indeed been influenced by the corona crisis. Companies are using learning methods more effectively and are opting for a mix of digital and traditional learning solutions.

76% of companies are considering introducing a digital platform

Whereas e-learning was only a fraction of the total learning offer before the lockdown, a shift is now being made to digital learning processes. More than 76% of the companies surveyed, which do not currently work digitally, are considering introducing a digital learning platform for employees in the coming months, not only for knowledge transfer, but also for onboarding. Even though the companies are overwhelmingly opting for digital learning methods, only 34% of those surveyed currently offer their employees access to training via a mobile phone.

The future of learning in the workplace is a mix of learning methods

Learning plays a crucial role in the new world of work. Companies need to continue to share knowledge with their employees, who need to be kept informed of changes more than ever before, but are less and less likely to be present in the workplace. To respond to these recent changes, companies are increasingly opting for digital solutions. More than two-thirds would use an additional digital platform as a supplement and 71% already use more than two different digital learning tools.

"The future is tailor-made learning: providing relevant content at the right time, through a mix of different techniques such as e-learning, mobile and face to face. Traditional learning techniques alone are not enough to respond to these recent changes and the right mix varies by target group". - Guy Van Neck, CEO of MobieTrain

MobieTrain publishes the full research in its annual Corporate Learning Benchmark report in collaboration with HR Tech Valley and ZigZagHR.

Download the report here.

About MobieTrain

MobieTrain commercializes a microlearning platform that allows companies to easily develop their own learning paths and help employees to restructure their knowledge whenever and wherever they want. MobieTrain was founded in 2015 by CEO Guy Van Neck and co-founders Mireille van Hemert-Schelling and Willi Van Boven. The startup won the startup competition Unleash in Amsterdam in 2018, raised 1 million euros from LRM in March 2019 and raised 1.8 million euros in funding from the Belgian investment company LRM and the media group Concentra in 2020. MobieTrain also participated in the Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam in 2018: a global accelerator with hubs in several cities. The Dutch accelerator is also in the shareholding of MobieTrain. Customers such as Decathlon, Diesel, Altas Copco, Proximus, Timberland, City of Rotterdam, National Police Netherlands, use the app.

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