Debunking myths on how to identify Employee Potential in your organization

"Potential is a concept shrouded in mystery and myth. Despite all the knowledge built up on the issue in scientific literature, we still find ourselves faced with 2 wide-shared views that are neither in line with current knowledge, nor useful." - Dr. Wouter van Bockhaven, TalentLogiQs

Because these beliefs impact the future sustainability and growth of people’s careers and organizations’ performance, Wouter van Bockhaven dedicated an entire white paper to debunking some of the existing myths and replacing them with actual scientifically-backed knowledge.

Myths about "Potential" being debunked:

  1. Can’t be measured

  2. Anyone can do it

  3. g is best, don’t bother with the rest

  4. Potential is universal

Learn all about the...

  • key empirical mechanism for the prediction of performance

  • leadership potential blueprint

  • hierachy of evidence

Read the whitepaper and take away a ton of practical tips !


Author of the whitepaper

Dr. Wouter Van Bockhaven, PhD is co-founder and CEO of TalentLogiQs™ and professor of innovation ecosystems and business research methods at Antwerp Management School.

His career drive lies in developing knowledge and tooling at the nexus of strategy, individual and group behavior to facilitate the sustainable alignment of incentives and perspectives of individuals, organizations and the ecosystems they form.