How safe & cohesive are Belgian teams?

A cross-industry survey on psychological safety and team cohesion in Belgian teams.

What’s the state of psychological safety and team cohesion in Belgian teams? How is this impacted by the size of the organisation or the position within the company? Which practices do teams use to foster psychological safety? JiGSO and Beanmachine gained insights into these questions and more, through a cross-industry survey.

“For many organisations, employee wellbeing has been priority #1 this past year. Although I can only encourage the increased attention, I do feel we’re missing something by focussing on the individual employee and neglecting the importance of teams. Teams are the building blocks of any organisation: it’s where the magic happens, but also where the shit happens.”

When Hans Donckers, CEO of JiGSO and co-founder of Beanmachine, noticed clients paying more attention to wellbeing, he wanted to gain more insight into the current state of our teams. For this, HR Tech start-up JiGSO joined forces with HR Consultancy firm Beanmachine to conduct research into psychological safety and team cohesion, two factors that are of vital importance for the functioning of teams.

In an online survey, psychological safety and team cohesion were gauged with a number of items, based on Amy Edmondson’s work, The Fearless Organization. The survey was filled in by a diverse group of business leaders and HR professionals from more than 150 Belgian organisations, from SME’s to global corporates.

The survey shows that even though team cohesion and psychological safety within Belgian teams is relatively good, there are some key factors impacting the scores.

“For me, the most interesting insight was that lower management positions such as first-line managers score lower on psychological safety & team cohesion while people in higher positions score higher," says Hans. "This discrepancy can be explained in many ways: the lower on the ladder, the more operational issues; different levels of support from team members and HR; companies investing more in people in higher positions. It shows that it’s vital to pay equal attention to every level within a company instead of focusing purely on the development and support of senior managers.”


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About JiGSO & Beanmachine

The article is the result of a joint research effort by HR Tech start-up JiGSO and HR Consultancy firm Beanmachine. With a combination of HR consultancy practitioners and HR tech innovators, their mission is to close the gap between people and data. Want to find out more about what they do? Contact Kris Govaert –