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Four out of nine members of HR Tech Valley hijacked a double nomination for The DataNews Awards!

Data News organizes the Data News Awards for Excellence, one of the most prestigious Belgian ICT events of the year. They have announced over 14 exceptional awards, each one a symbol of excellence in its category. The fifteenth category was the ICT Personality, chosen by the Data News editorial staff. These awards are the result of a selection process by the editorial staff of Data News, the readers of Data News and a jury of ICT professionals.

When checking the list with the nominations, nine of them are a member of our community! Even more amazing is that four out of these nine members hijacked nominations in several categories. We can only proudly recommend voting for them, as their spot on the nominees list is more than well deserved.


Amongst the nominees of Cloud Innovator of the Year two of our members stick out. Both also have another nomination in their pocket; as Belgian Startup Company of The Year:

  • Beeple.eu is an online tool to manage flex staff such as students, volunteers and employees with shifts online in just a few clicks. Complex work schedules become child's play!

  • Teal Partners is building sustainable software solutions in touch with HR.


Four other members of our community also share a nomination for Belgian Startup Company of the Year;

  • MeetRoger, the tool for building a committed workforce. Roger helps streamline your business! Internal chat. Internal communications. Promote communication. Professional app. Efficient reporting.

  • MobieTrain empowers your employees with the knowledge they need to succeed. Their mobile training platform improves knowledge retention with personalized, gamified learning paths.

  • Spencer is a Mobile Workplace Assistant. Assisting your workplace community to be more engaged, efficient and productive by making the tools you trust work together.

  • Cumul.io's analytics platform lets you build & integrate interactive dashboards inside your own HR software in no time. It lets you offer value-adding insights to your platform's users, without having to develop a reporting module yourself. Bring reporting & analytics to HR professionals, directly inside their favorite tools! They also have a nomination for Belgian Scaleup Company of the Year, speaking of a blast off!


In the category Customer Centric IT Company of the Year, two of our members are also standing out;

  • Connecting-Expertise provides us with a single sourcing and performance management tool while providing access to their Marketplace for benchmarking and more.

  • AE - architects for business and ICT helps its client tackle the most challenging questions in their digital transformation journey with and end-to-end partnership. With another nomination in the category IT Services Company of the Year, they are the fourth member of HR Tech Valley scoring a double nomination.


In the IT Services Company of the Year category our member number nine also deserved a spot on the list;

  • Lancr.eu is a one-stop shop for freelancers to find everything they need in their professional life, easier and at better conditions.


Nine members, taking in five categories and four of them are nominated more than once.. Talking about an HR Tech Injection! Well done!

Voting can be done untill April 7th by clicking this link.

Be quick! Thanks!