Corporate Learning? Discover the 2021 benchmark here

In August 2021 MobieTrain, a learning application that engages the workforce, launched its yearly Study on Corporate Learning in partnership with ZigZagHR and HRTECH Valley. Instead of the classic one-sided survey, this 2021-edition existed out of a questionnaire for every user-group: one for employees & one for managers.

Will the Corporate Learning Benchmark 2021 show everyone how important it is to empower employees with knowledge, no matter where they work - and at the same time encourage every company out there to empower their employees with knowledge through engaging and effective trainings? Just keep reading and you'll find out.

We are very grateful for everyone who has contributed to our annual Learning Benchmark 2021 report and are more than happy to share this in the community, following individual input and that of ~100 other organisations. - Guy van Neck, CEO MobieTrain

The annual Learning Benchmark report was conducted in August - November 2021 in partnership with ZigZagHR and HRTECH Valley. Together, we surveyed ~100 companies across Europe on the current state of corporate learning, in light of the impact of Covid-19 and how corporate learning will proceed in the future.

This comprehensive analysis of learning culture contains valuable insights for HR, Learning & Development and business professionals. Discover the latest learning trends and the best insights in current learning culture in the corporate world!