Ben Greeven resigns as CEO of HR Tech Valley

Announcement - April 30, 2021

One of our instigators, Ben Greeven, has chosen to resign as CEO of HR Tech Valley. The board accepted his resignation and decided to put the daily management in the hands of current Business Manager Hans Mangelschots.

The board would like to thank Ben Greeven for his mentoring and has all confidence in Hans Mangelschots to keep growing the HR Tech Valley community with experts, solutions and partners who share the belief in HR Technology as a means of enabling organizations to focus more on its people.

Hans Mangelschots was an employment expert at ACV-CSC who started his entrepreneurship as the founding father of HR Tech Startup Kazi in 2014. Afterwards he started (independent hr tech advisory) in 2017 and joined HR Tech Valley in 2018 as a Business Manager.

Since 2018 HR Tech Valley grew to 50 company members, has independently advised over 30 companies and startups, gave more than 45 keynotes or workshops and (co-)created over 40 event opportunities.

This pioneering record is one of the fundamentals of the current activities by HR Tech Valley: organizing member value, spreading news, matching HR Tech requests and give independent trusted advice (or services) to companies.