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Belgian joint venture launches ‘itsme’ for HR

HR Tech Valley Members Nalantis and join forces in UQalify

Press release 11/02/2021

Upskilling, reskilling, lifelong learning and internal mobility are real challenges, that HR must address more than ever before. At the same time, people are increasingly looking for a job or training that really matches their skill set. The question is: where do you start, both as an individual and a company? Antwerp-based technology companies Nalantis and have joined forces to provide an answer to this question and connect all the stakeholders in one ecosystem.

Meet UQalify, the joint venture that develops smart, modular and connected HR platforms to match individuals with the right internal jobs and training. UQualify is the result of more than ten years of development and international expertise in artificial intelligence, natural language understanding, machine learning, skill identification and matching technology for HR.

UQalify’s mission? To make upskilling and reskilling feasible and applicable for everyone. ButUQalify is more than just another HR matching platform. The joint venture is also launching an interactive, personal ID profile, called myUQskills, enabling individuals to discover their own potential and share it with relevant institutions/organisations.

(Up)skilling, matching and future-ready recruitment