Actonomy & Traicie present: Hard & soft skills pre-screening all-in-one

HR Tech Valley members Actonomy and traicie conclude a partnership to offer complete candidate pre-screening based on innovative and proven HR technology.

Press Release - Gent, 15/02/2021

The perfect marriage in screening of candidates is a total view on both hard and soft skills of a candidate. This is now offered by combining the technology of traicie and Actonomy.

The perfect marriage

No matter how experienced and professional you are as a recruiter, it is difficult to ignore personal preferences around candidates. Using the HR-tech combination of Actonomy and traicie, you remain neutral and inclusive. It helps the recruiter to maintain an objective view, both when screening and when interviewing candidates. This is especially critical when the right candidates are scarce to avoid missing out on a good candidate because of a wrong first impression.

The application process is more objective and efficient, giving the recruiter more time to put their valuable expertise where it is needed most. The hard & soft skills of the candidate are mapped up-front, which gives direction to the selection process.

“Having a total view on both the soft & hard skills is crucial for a screening’, says Filip De Geijter, CEO Actonomy, “with traicie it becomes easy and does not require complex assessments during the screening process”.

“Hardskills will qualify you for the job based on your past, softskills will qualify you for the future : hard + softskills the best match, now !” says Jochen Roef, CEO & Co-founder of traicie.

Computer aided recruitment is the future of recruitment. The question is not whether man can beat the machine or vice-versa. The question is what a partnership between recruiter and technology can deliver in terms of qualitative hiring and HR business value.



Actonomy is specialized in semantic search and matching software. With the Actonomy solution you can quickly find the best candidates based on hard skills screening (and vice versa: the best jobs for candidates) without having to enter search terms.


traicie is a prescreening tool that automatically detects soft skills of candidates from their CV, motivation letter and LinkedIn profile and predicts the natural professional behavior of applicants. By means of artificial intelligence, traicie facilitates soft skills and culture-based recruitment. traicie offers a first attitude screening of all incoming candidates without the need for fill-in tests.


Actonomy contact : - +32 478 21 59 58.

Traicie contact : - +32 477 36 05 16.