A first? 15 HR Tech innovations pitch their solution to optimise the Employee Experience.

From Applicant to Employee, how people experience this journey is important, preferably digital. Thomas More and HR Tech Valley, as a result of their Digital HR Skills collaboration, are joining forces to create a possible first for Belgium:

A Pitch Night with no less than fifteen digital HR solutions, each optimizing the Employee Experience in their own way.

Companies and recruiters will always look for new talent to hire or contract. In this era of the ageing workforce, talent shortage and re-skilling challenge, one thing is for certain:

Today, 50% of that potential talent are Digital Natives, born or raised in the age of smartphones, mobile and The Internet of Things. This number will only increase in coming years.


Companies and recruitment agencies can’t afford to ignore the digital solutions that appeal to applicants. These solutions optimise the digital user experience and/or automate certain processes to the benefit the Candidate Experience.

For example, these solutions could

  • optimise vacancies with employee input

  • provide a faster/in depth match

  • facilitate, capture and analyse video interviews

An agreeable customer journey contributes to a good reputation which in returns helps to attract new talent. 

So, the competition between companies is not just about customers anymore, today it also is about talent and thus to create the best (digital) workplace culture as part of the Employer Brand.


Putting your Employer Brand into practice prevents later disappointments. This has a direct impact on the retention of talent. There are not only digital solutions for applicants, but also plenty of applications that improve the experience for employees.

For example, these solutions could

  • increase Engagement and Productivity

  • streamline and optimise Teamwork

  • enable personal Self Service

Learning and development

To compensate the talent shortage by up- or re-skilling employees, the HR Tech industry offers innovative solutions. 

The newest solutions even offer a more personalised and/or "anywhere anytime” approach.

For example, these solutions could

  • facilitate mobile learning

  • insert gamification

  • attribute rewards 


Last but not least, there is a huge advantage of People or Talent Analytics. Any and all data that is digitally captured or measured can also be analysed to learn, understand and optimise the process.

Good analyses and long-term measurements will ultimately lead to a degree of predictability. This in return allows organisations to make evidence-based decisions faster.

Many solutions already offer their own dashboard. Other suppliers allow businesses to build, measure and analyse certain data sets themselves.

In the long term, a company could even link different processes and/or parameters to carry out possible optimisations or to assess the impact of certain changes, in advance.

15 in 1; meaning get to know 15 solutions in 1 evening

Thomas More and HR Tech Valley co-created a course about "Digital HR Skills". The course followed the flow of Candidate and Employee Experience.

Each module took a closer look at a specific step. Several new digital solutions were involved to inspire the students, explain their product, operation and analyses.

At the end of these series, Thomas More and HR Tech Valley decided to offer this positive experience in a unique format to their partner companies and wider network. The 15 in 1 Pitch Night will take place at Campus Sanderus in Antwerp and will be hosted in Dutch. There’s a limited number of places!

In 1 evening, you will have the opportunity to meet 15 innovative, digital solutions after they have presented themselves on a Pitch stage.

Fifteen HR Tech suppliers in one evening, is most likely a first for Belgium.

At past Pitch Events of HR Tech Valley, we applied a 10 pitchers limit.

This time we opted to focus entirely on the "discovery” instead of involving a guest speaker. So, five more pitchers now enter the stage.

To ensure that it does not become a boring parade, we’ve devised an active role for everyone present.

HR Tech Valley will act as event facilitator and monitor the timing.

You the audience will become an important player in our version of The Dragons Den.

The pitchers only get 5 minutes of fame on stage.  

Next you, the audience, can digitally score their pitch on both the Product and Presentation.

Of course there will be a winner!

After the Pitch event a network reception with a drink and a bite, offers the right setting for more in-depth questions and networking.

We would love to meet you there.

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