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Hi there

HRTECH Valley offers you a platform to find inspiration, insights and initiatives on the evolution of digital HR Solutions to meet the expectations of the Career Owner.

We believe that HRTECH enables organisations to focus better on people. 

Do you share the same belief and are you ready for your HRTECH journey?


Read, watch or listen to inspiring stories HRTECH Stakeholders have to share with you.


Press Releases, interesting video's and podcasts,  client cases, thought leadership, research and opinions you can find here. 

Our Services

For HRTECH Ventures  who are seeking Advisory, Market Information or Insights AND for companies/organisations  who are seeking inspiration about the evolution of HR Technology towards a  more extensive focus on people, we recommend our  ROI²-model.

For companies and investor relations who are searching for HR Technology  and need support, we offer to rock your HRTECH Journey with our ROCK-model.

Community Dashboard

Our Databases

Through our databases we offer you primary tools to source and develop your own network of trusted HRTECH Stakeholders. 

For professional guidance, please check our services and Trusted Partners and Experts who can guide you to success in your HRTECH journey.

HRTECH Calendar

What better way to discover HRTECH as by attending initiatives held by the HRTECH Valley community?

We gather all interesting events, webinars and initiatives of our stakeholders in one nice calendar for you. Just pick one out and start your journey!

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