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Learning & Employee Experience

brightlands.jpg is de all-in-one app for Digital Learning, Employee Community and Career Ownership. We make micro learning and internal communication fun and intuitive and part of our every day digital life.

Key Features

Micro-learning and Internal communication experience in one app, compelling content with DigiSkills Academy and 15 years experience Learning Lab, Full learning and engagement analytics and insights.


Bouwensstraat 21

Antwerp, Belgium


Problem being solved

We enable learning and internal communication in a way that it becomes accessible, fun and part of our life, when and how we want. We create a real employee community that maximizes engagement and retention.

Return on investment

Employees develop themselves where, when and how they want and can communicate with each other to share best practices and inspiration. Employers create a real authentic employee experience through information-, training- and knowledge sharing; They have full learning and engagement analytics and insights at all time to create a development strategy.

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