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AI & Machine Learning


Elevate skills across your organisation
Use AI to build the workforce of tomorrow
with the employee data you have today.

Key Features

Right talent, right place, right time.
Track, analyse, and manage your organisation's skills continuously. Align your strategic goals with the development of your employees.


Overzet 14b

9000 Gent, Belgium

Problem being solved

TechWolf uses AI to continuously monitor the skills in your workforce. By transforming employee data to skill passports, data-driven upskilling is within reach.

Return on investment

AI-based Strategic Workforce Planning
TechWolf automatically tracks the skills of your employees based on data and interactions with the HR software systems you already use. No need for manual skill tracking. With this continuous, up-to-date skill data, you can start shaping your organisation's workforce in a data-driven manner.

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