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Scheduling Solution


Strobbo is a lean HR-solution with a strong focus on planning (Artificial Intelligence), time registration, payroll integration and automated dimona registration. Most of our customers have an extensive flexible workforce. Customers love our clean and easy-to-use interface and the mobile app which allows staff to plan themselves interactively.

Key Features

Automated planning, Time registration, Payroll integration


Louis Pasteurstraat 21

3920 Lommel Belgium


Problem being solved

Time is valuable, you can only spend it once. Strobbo understands that managing the time you get from your people is a top priority. Without automation, you lose time, make mistakes and fail in getting engaged employees.

Return on investment

Business owners, branch managers, HR managers and planners gain an enormous amount of time when using Strobbo. Next to that they prevent payroll mistakes, wrong pay cheques and assure legal compliance. Employees are more engaged through clear and transparent communication.

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