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AI & Machine Learning


Nalantis develops innovative AI-for-language solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology offers HR solutions (CV-job analysis and matching solutions, competence analysis, mobile recruitment applications … ) and Legal tools (city administration, open data products, legal search) … ranging from ready-to-use tools to APIs to integrate in your own software suites. Our core technology – patent pending - is a unique combination of semantic models, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. It allows contextual natural language understanding … and all of that cross-language in multiple languages (a.o. Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German ...). Nalantis’ technology is applicable in various sectors and industries (HR, finance, legal, admin, sales …), works across languages and can handle (nearly) any document format. In HR we analyse CVs, profiles, personnel assessments, test results, job descriptions, task descriptions, profession profiles, etc … to then classify all of that information in functional domains, concepts and competences.

Key Features

Deep (semantic) analysis and understanding, truly mobile, cross-language


Otto Veniusstraat 9

Antwerp, Belgium

Problem being solved

HR departments lack intelligent search and matching tools so waste endless time and money searching for the best candidates for open roles. There is no solution on the market that provides an efficient way to see the top candidates for a particular job. Competence analysis is becoming the new standard in HR talent management. It’s used not only to recruit and hire great talent, but also guide career progression, internal mobility and talent management.However, there is no truly efficient solution on the market that provides in-depth, automated competence analysis, which means HR teams are spending a significant amount of time comparing CVs, cover letters, test results and performance appraisals against job descriptions, trainings and courses. Nalantis reduces the time HR teams spend on talent acquisition and talent management by analysing CVs, employee profiles, trainings, and more and providing insights on current and potential employees!

Return on investment

Efficiency - time, quality and cost Corporates - small-midsize-large Staffing & recruiting companies ATS Software vendors Public Employment Services Job platforms ...

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