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Learning & Employee Experience


The Limburg-based start-up MobieTrain is commercializing a micro-learning app that allows users or employees of customers to gradually improve their knowledge at any time and any place. MobieTrain was founded in 2015 by CEO Guy Van Neck and co-founders Mireille van Hemert-Schelling and Willi Van Boven. The start-up won the Unleash start-up competition in 2018 and in a second investment round in March 2020 it raised 1.8 million euros from LRM and Concentra, among others. In December 2019 MobieTrain was 'Start-up of the Year' in Limburg. Customers such as Decathlon, Diesel, Proximus, Timberland and Vans use the app. The company is located on the C-Mine start-up campus in Genk.

Key Features

Mobile-first, intuitive and structured design, Gamification, Built-in quizzes and retention techniques


C-mine 12

Genk, Belgium

+32 475 79 34 97

Problem being solved

In a competitive working climate, both job and customer expectations are rising. Employees are expected to learn more and faster than ever before. Companies need to transfer knowledge to an increasingly remote workforce that is used to consume content intuitively and on-demand. That's where MobieTrain comes in. Our mobile microlearning platform makes sure every employee gets the change to get trained, at their own rythm in a fun and engaging way.

Return on investment

The amount of face-to-face trainings and e-learnings can be decreased as our mobile microlearning platform can be used for training where you don't specifically don't need extended amount of training for. This means time used for organizing training events and creating e-learning courses also can be reduced, often with 10 to 20%. Also the effect of training more frequently pays off. Both knowledge as engagement from your employees increases. This results in better performance, improved customer experience, higher sales and happier employees.

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