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Minggo is a digital recruiter assistant who supports recruiters 24/7 in their work. She makes this happen by combining your trusted technology and automating it as a whole.

Key Features

recruitment automation, automated matching, digital experience


Wiedauwkaai 23G

Ghent, Belgium

+32 9 298 04 99

Problem being solved

1. Recruitment agencies use more and more recruitment tools, but the tools don't work together and the ROI is not measurable. 2. Recruiters are short on time and have to spend too much time on administrative tasks. 3. Candidates and customers expect a flawless digital experience from recruitment agencies.

Return on investment

- Minggo takes over the administrative tasks of the recruiter - The recruiter has more time to focus on the candidate and customer - Excellent user satisfaction for your customers and candidates - High efficiency: save time by automating communication, tasks and process steps

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