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Mobility platform


Mobility should empower people and lead to a happier and sustainable society. Using the best user-friendly technology, integrated in the mobility ecosystem, Mbrella is an HR platform to enable flexible mobility policies within companies.

Key Features

Integration with mobility providers, Flexible mobility policies management, Integration with payroll providers


29 rue du Belvédère

1050 Ixelles Belgium


Problem being solved

Mobility is a top-of-mind topic for HR managers. Indeed, mobility is now considered as part of the salary package. Governments and COVID crisis urge employers and employees to change their mobility habits. But employers need help to (i) implement a flexible mobility policy, (ii) manage their mobility providers and (iii) integrate mobility in their payroll process.

Return on investment

For Employers, they will save a tremendous amount of time in the management of a flexible mobility policy. They will also save money by optimising the mobility usage of their employees/ For Employees, they will compose their own mobility package and optimise it in function of their needs and wishes.

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