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Talent Pool Platform


Lancr provides a total workforce retention solution in order to help companies to improve their relationship with employees and freelancers. We build personalized applications to create a community feeling between the organization and the workforce. With this application, content like benefits, trainings, vacancies, and events can be shared with the organizations' pool of talent.

Key Features

Custom branded application, Community building, Higher retention rate


Cockerillkaai 11/16

Antwerp, Belgium


Problem being solved

The war for talent is a trending topic nowadays. Many companies struggle to find and retain the right talent. Lancr provides a solution for this challenge to improve the organizations' retention rate with their own personalized application.

Return on investment

The return on investment for the organization is characterized by several features. - Increased use of the training and benefits program - Stronger employer branding - Communication will be easier and more effective - All of this will result in more workforce retention

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