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Learning & Employee Experience


FLOWSPARKS is an e-Learning software and service provider that focuses on the ease to create engaging learning experiences. FLOWSPARKS developed a flexible learning platform with an authoring tool and an LMS, giving anyone the possibility to create engaging e-Learning. Together, we create FLOW: Flexible Learning in an Online World.

Key Features

- Decentralizing knowledge: Anyone can make e-learning. - Multilingual and responsive - Flexibility: being able to adapt swiftly in today's fast digitising world


Industrieweg 78

9032 Ghent Belgium


Problem being solved

With FLOWSPARKS, anyone can create e-Learning. We help organisations to grow by giving employees the tools and skills they need to digitalise their knowledge. The platform focuses on bespoke content creation, lowering the creation barrier for authors by supporting them didactically, graphically, and technically.

Return on investment

FLOWSPARKS is the perfect solution for companies that don’t want to rely on the maintenance costs and planning of external parties to develop digital learning modules. Thanks to our software-platform, companies get the flexibility and autonomy to do this themselves, within a reasonable amount of time! Thanks to FLOWSPARKS, companies can rely on their subject matter experts – without any knowledge of e-Learning development – to build engaging e-Learning from scratch. 1. Customer can build and update their own content 2. State-of-the-art design and didactically supported = more appealing and qualitative content will help our customers to achieve their goals 3. Autonomy = a visionary, new way of producing e-Learning themselves.

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