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Payroll automation


Earnie is a new generation of payroll engine that greatly simplifies the payroll process. With Earnie we have succeeded in digitizing the complex Belgian legislation on payroll and making it available in real time.

Key Features

An innovative architecture
Earnie is a new generation payroll engine that runs entirely in the cloud on the most recent technologies. Earnie was built from the ground up with deep integrations in mind.


Corda Campus – Kempische Steenweg 293/35

3500, Hasselt - Belgium

+32 (0)11 71 12 80

Problem being solved

Payroll should be a commodity.

Return on investment

Earnie does away with traditional monthly pay by going through the entire pay process immediately. After entering and validating the hours worked, a flex worker automatically initiates the wage calculation process without knowing it. Earnie calculates the salary and pays it the day after the performance. A unique asset to strengthen your position as an employer in the current war for talent and to attract the best candidates!

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