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Connecting-Expertise is an independent software platform that helps firms with the hiring and the management of contingent workforce (temporary contracts, freelancers, secondment workers). Currently, 10,000 people are daily employed through our platform.

Key Features

efficient, easy to use, transparent


Cockerillkaai 11/16

Antwerp, Belgium

Problem being solved

War for Talent makes it difficult to find the right expertise Manage Contingent Workers in a flexible way No transparency on the actual market prices Being too dependent on your current suppliers No access to the entire market and/or freelancers Inefficient processes impacting through-put times

Return on investment

Companies: - Improved efficiency of your hiring process - Cost reduction of 5-15% is realised - No dependency anymore from your current supplier pool by creating competition in the market - Improved market insights and transparency - Increased speed of fulfilment Temporary workers: - Broad access to new projects - Join the 10.000 other temporary workers daily employed through our platform

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