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Learning & Employee Experience


Ambassify is the number one Advocacy Marketing Platform for your business. Request a demo and get in touch with one of our Advocacy Marketing experts.

Key Features

Frequent and consistent communication. It creates transparency, builds trust, and drives employee engagement. Make your employees feel included by keeping them up-to-date on company news and events.

Drive Employee Engagement
All good communication is a dialogue. Create an atmosphere in which employees feel connected to your company and their work. Let your employees participate and contribute, and gain valuable insights from their feedback and opinions.

Create Brand Advocates
Help your employees speak positively on behalf of the company and promote your content to their networks. Reward your most trusted advocates to show them they are a valuable part of your business. Get more reach out of your content, and spend less on paid advertising.


3580 Beringen, Belgium

Problem being solved

Ambassify enables you to manage and measure your employee engagement efforts. Start making a real connection with your workforce.

Return on investment

Build Your Community
Today’s employees want to feel they are part of a bigger cause. They want to feel included, valued and trusted. They want to identify with your company and know their work is meaningful. Employee engagement makes your employees happier, more productive, and less likely to leave.

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