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Pitch & Network Opportunities
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HR TECH Valley organizes HR Tech Pitch Nights and Network Initiatives since 2017.  We started on our own and along the way we introduce it to partners and offer it to exploring cliënts.

Covid19 did force us to search for alternatives and we have learned from Borderless Digital Network Events .


 So, now we take the best of both worlds and put together an offer for the post-covid19 part in 2021. 

Event Partner
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We are supporting and collaborating with multiple Event Partners across the BeNeLux and Europe.

Most of the time these collaborations happen ad hoc and we communicate the unique perks & benefits to our members in the same way. 

For 2021-2022 however, we have succeeded to compile a true Event Package for our members.


Beware: the total value of these deals could exceed your membership cost!

Event Deals

DemoDay Belgium (in Dutch)



30 / 09 / 2021


15 / 07 / 2021 



only 5 spots available!


Virtual HRCongress Tech Fest

& World Summit



29-30 / 09 / 2021





25% discount 


35% added value


Special HR Tech Valley Startup Offer 


De Toekomst van het CV (NL)

Next Gen Recruitment (NL)



12 / 10 / 2021

16 / 10 / 2021





on all formula's

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Partner still undisclosed as talks continue


Voka Oost-Vlaanderen

HR Tech Event (BE)


18 / 11 / 2021




Free registration


HR Innov & Tech Day 2022 (BE)



19 / 05 / 2022


Perks Deadline ends

01 / 07 / 2021

2021 pricings end

15 / 10 / 2021


10% additional to all other

Upcoming HR Tech Valley Initiatives
Borderless BeNeLux HR Tech Meetup on 
24 / 09 / 2021
Networking Event

HR Tech Valley organizes a Virtual Vendor-to-Vendor Networking in September. 

Sponsored by *undisclosed for now* and our Event Partners we are not only offering BeNeLux HR Tech Stakeholders a borderless opportunity to collaborate and do business together...

To warm things up, we provide one or more special guests, with an international reputation, to open up the conversations.

The event is free for HR Tech Valley Members only. More details will be released soon. 

HR Tech Valley
Pitch & Network Series
Q4 - 2021
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During the 4th quarter of 2021 we will NOT be organizing a famous Pitch & Network event for a partner.


We will be organizing 3 Live Pitch & Network Events spread over 3 months, 3 topics, offering 30 HR Tech Suppliers a chance to shine for multiple partners. 

Details are still undisclosed as partnership-talks are still ongoing. 

We will keep you posted when details are clear!

More HR Tech Back2Back
Nov-Dec 2021

Together with Thomas More we will be organizing 6 Back2Back Sessions in a webinar format.  

Each session has a different HR Topic and gives the webinar floor to two HR Tech Solutions tackling challenges related to that topic. 


 Each solution can have 30mins, incl. Q&A.  Thomas More makes the selection and decides who comes first. 

The audience being reached out to with this offer is the Thomas More Business Network, our audience, partners and members. 

And of course, all video-material stays available on our website afterwards.

PXL post-graduate course - HR for SME's - 26/10/2021
(live to 15 HR managers - possibly recorded for PXL Business Network)
  • Performance Management & Digitization: 4-6 speakers about 360° feedback, Talent Management, L&D 
  • Compensation & Benefits: 4-6 speakers about Innovative Payrolling 
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