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Welcome to the HR Tech Valley Ecosystem





  • bring ogether HR Tech Companies and people with a strong view on the future of HR (HR engagors) on the basis of striving for synergy, knowledge sharing and open innovation;

  • welcome sponsors and academics who  support our Techies and HR Engagors;

  • are a strong advocate of the role of HR Tech in creating HR 4.0. 


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Why we are doing this

A New HR Reality

Technology is the driver of the ongoing changes. 


The digitisation in HR is rapidly increasing and has pushed HR through several stages:

  • HR 1.0:  HR didn't use any technology

  • HR 2.0: HR Tech streamlined processes and focused on hard skills

  • HR 3.0:  HR Tech  supported HR with the introduction of the web and aspects of soft skills

  • HR 4.0:  today we are living the integration of HR Tech applied by Employers and Career Owners


HR consumerization

This consumerization of HR is blurring the lines between HR, marketing, real estate, communications and IT and is gradually creating an open system.


There is an increasing demand for social and collaborative tools that enables people to expand their Customer Experience into HR.

Such an open system will a see a shift in power from centralized HR departments towards New Ways of Working


In this new reality the Career Owner owns his own data and actively manages his/her development and career, acting like a true consumer.

Cocreating the future

We bring together HR Tech companies, HR Service Providers  and HR Engagors, enabling them to co-create HR 4.0 with a focus on end-user experience.


We are convinced that HR Tech is an enabler that helps HR Professionals to focus on its core business: PEOPLE.

To deliver on this, rapid digitisation and consumerization must result in a New Reality co-created by HR Tech and HR.


HR Tech Valley therefore is an open innovation community.