At the end of November 2016, two Limburg entrepreneurs founded an investment fund and VZW around innovative HR software; HR Tech Valley. 

Both concluded that HR needed to focus on people and not processes. However, most of the important stakeholders are unaware of the evolution and opportunities of new HR Technology.


More and more HR Tech solutions focus on increasing employee experience, engagement and analytics, on supporting recruiters in recruiting better, on interaction and collaboration, giving feedback and/or recognition. In short: enabling organizations to attract, develop and retain the right people. ”



HR needs to focus on people and not processes.

However, most of the important stakeholders are unaware of the evolution and opportunities of new HR Technology. 

The World of Work is changing. 

Becoming a desired asset for every organisation, talent is taking control over their career with a different attitude towards the Employer Brand; they become Career Owners. 

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HRTECH Valley spreads awareness on the evolution of HR Technology and the changing attitude of Career Owners.  

By bringing HRTECH Stakeholders together who share the belief that HRTECH enables organisations to focus better on people, it accelerates the  digital transformation of HR towards a sustainable "Career Owner Friendly"  user-experience.


Enabling organisations to become Future-proof. 



By offering inspiration, knowledge and insights through our content platform. Spreading news, analysis, opinions and thought leadership from HRTECH Stakeholders. 

By spreading opportunities to attend a showcase or a network event of the community, or by a third party. 

By connecting you and our members an open network of HRTECH Suppliers, - Partners, Experts and Mentors for further growth. 

By supporting your HRTECH Journey from the very beginning.



We reach ambitious entrepreneurs and decision makers. They all share an innovative mindset and unstoppable drive to keep accelerating digital transformations of HR towards an engaging end-user experience. As an entrepreneur but also personally, as a person.

At HRTECH Valley they satisfy their hunger for new trends and transformations that color and shape the HR and businesses of tomorrow. They embrace innovation and change and look to the future with great enthusiasm. These thought leaders, experts and mentors want to make a difference with their own business.

HRTECH Valley  brings content that inspires, informs and connects.
We analyse the dynamics on the HRTECH Market and  look ahead. Sometimes visionary, sometimes with a bold opinion, but always guiding.

Shared insights of HR Tech Stakeholders and inspiring entrepreneurial stories about the people behind the company. About vision, opportunities, passion,  learnings and thought leadership. 

Groundbreaking innovations. Notable capital rounds and acquisitions. New kids on the block. Your portion of current affairs from the BENE-HRTECH Market.

Illuminating interviews on hot topics, to better understand the rapidly changing world in which entrepreneurs work today.

Unsalted opinions and refreshing insights that challenge and make you think.


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To allow you to connect offline with other entrepreneurs, we regularly bring our online community together at physical events. We create these events ourselves OR support a third party event partner. Either way, participation will always be more beneficial for members of HRTECH Valley. 

You can count on a top experience with inspiring speakers, the best locations, lots of opportunities to network with other ambitious people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Also, we offer spotlight opportunities for our HRTECH Members. Showcasing their value to an audience interested in HR Innovation and new HR Technologies. 


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Joris Peumans

  • Joris

Entrepreneur - Investor - Founder

Prato - geneHRations - HRTECH Valley




  • Lieven

Advisory Board Member

Director of Research & Economic Affairs at FEDERGON

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Marc Surinx

  • Marc

Business  Partner

geneHRations - Prato - Deita - HRTECH Valley


Lieven Van


  • Lieven

Advisory Board Member

Group CDO  at

House of HR


Hans Mangelschots

  • Hans

Managing Director - Startup Mentor - Trusted  Advisor

HRTECH Valley - Workplace Accellerator - HRTOOLZ.online


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