Process Automation

Officient is the most intuitive HR solution for a modern SME. Our all-in-one platform empowers HR professionals, team managers and executives to reduce administrative burden and improve upon the employee experience across the organization. Having deep integrations with payroll providers and other productivity tools, complimented with easy-to-use functionality, Officient empowers HR functions to speed up recurring processes and allowing employees to more easily focus on their core activities. Officient is used by more than 1,500 SMEs in Belgium and its neighbouring countries. Founded in 2017, the company has its headquarters in Ghent and currently employs over 25 people To learn more, visit

Key Features

People Overview, Employee Self-Service, Document Management


Kortrijksesteenweg 181

Ghent, Belgium

Problem being solved

Officient helps SMEs centralize employee data, reduce HR administration and gain real-time insights into their workforce. We help them get more out of HR administration. More Collaboration Enable your workforce and executives to manage and consult relevant HR data. Increase company-wide transparency and involvement. More Transparency Manage personal data, compensation, time-off, assets and contracts in one place. Always have all crucial HR data at your fingertips. More Impact Use HR data to fuel strategic decisions. Have access to up-to-date statistics that support your company's growth strategy.

Return on investment

The return on investment for HR professionals is that they can reduce time spent on HR administration. Allowing for more time to spend on other priorities such as recruiting, optimize current HR processes or provide a better working environment for the employees. The return on investment for Team managers is that they can more easily manage team members, their data and related HR administration. The return on investment for Business owners is that they get access to a total HR overview for every employee, as well as detailed reporting about developing HR trends or critical metrics. The return on investment for Employees is that they are better informed and thus spend less time processing HR administration. They can more easily communicate with HR allowing for problems to be solved much quicker, which has a positive impact on their productivity.


Corda Campus 7
Kempische Steenweg 293/35
3500 Hasselt -Belgium