Learning & Employee Experience

Meet Roger - Inform Connect Engage At Meet Roger we strongly believe a streamlined internal communication better informed, strong connected and more engaged employees. This we drive via a strong combination between data-driven communication and our mobile first environment for every type of employee.

Key Features

Smart dashboard and editor with unique insights for data-driven communication, Mobile first solution for every type of employee, Smart integrations in 9 languages to boost workplace efficiency.


Stokerijstraat 17 bus 7

Wijnegem, Belgium

Cédric Vercauteren

Problem being solved

We help companies streamline their corporate communications. Internal communication is more then ever the glue between employer and employee. It is important to reach out to every type of employee in a fast, transparant and clear way.

Return on investment

The ROI can be found in three departments: 1) Hr / Internal comms department, data-driven communication creates a more engaged workforce. 2) Operations, create a connected worker to ensure business operations via our smart integrations and possibilities for crisis communication. Using Meet Roger creates 65% more engagement than communicating as before.



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Kempische Steenweg 293/35
3500 Hasselt -Belgium