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What we stand for

Knowledge Exchange Facilitator

Based on our shared experience, knowledge, insights and learnings, 

we provide inspiration and insightful talks, workshops, network- or discovery-events

for anyone on the crossroad of HR, Technology and Business.

Setting your course towards the Future of Work.

Market & Expertise Lighthouse

Starting out with creating awareness on the evolution of HR Technology, we have build up a community and a reputation in today's market.


We bring together all stakeholders in the field of HR Technology since 2017, tackling current and future challenges by enabling knowledge sharing, co-creation and open innovation.  

Independent Trusted Advisor

Our team of HR Texperts is ready to guide you during the start of your Digital HR Journey.  

From Strategic Ideation to discovering the perfect match.  


HR TECH Valley will inspire and navigate you in the maze of digital HR solutions being developed in today's and tomorrow's market.


The Masterminds

Ben Greeven

Founder & CEO

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Ben Greeven is the most experienced member of our team and he is one with a disruptive mind.


We refer to him our HR Tech Guru (which he does not like) because of his in-depth knowledge of worldwide HR Tech. 


Ben can also be booked for an inspiring, ***-kicking keynote.

Joris Peumans


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Joris Peumans originates from a family of entrepreneurs in HR. He entered the HR Tech industry as early as in 1999.


As a Business Owner and Investor in HR Tech, he is always interested in helping new Technologies tackling future challenges.

Hans Mangelschots

Business Manager

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As a former HR Tech Start Upper Hans Mangelschots is an HR Tech- and HR Trend watcher who connects the dots in HR. 


Hans is passionate about HR 4.0 or "why HR Technology is about people".


He sees the big picture and future challenges as an opportunity.



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