Smart HR Tech money

Successful financing processes are about partnerships with benefits beyond money. That is why the HR Tech Valley Fund only invests if it can add value:

  • with the knowledge of our entrepreneur-advisors of your market and customers
  • by boosting your network through our networks
  • by using the experience of our entrepreneurs-advisors to coach you as an entrepreneur, business developer, people manager, ceo,…

Synergy over end date

With our fund we strive for synergy and want to boost open innovation and co-creation. That is why we are not a closed fund but function similarly to a holding: we invest with a goal in mind, not with an end date.

Register below for a smart money pitch if you want to apply for the HR Tech valley Fund.

Register for your smart money pitch!

Want to take your HR Tech venture to the next level? Are you looking for money and brains? 

Convince us in via 3 slide or a 1-minute video and we'll arrange a pitching session with our smart investors. You can add a link to your slide deck/ video in the message field or we can let you know who to mail your presentation to.

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