Pick your sparring formula

Get acquainted over a cup of coffee


Let's grab a cup of coffee and figure out if HR Tech Valley can add value to your venture. This 20 minutes session @ the Corda Bar (Hasselt, Belgium) gets you our full attention. But we can also serve a mean virtual Coffee during a (video)call.

The HR Tech idea sprint

The Idea Sprint

Got an idea you want to run by an experienced HR Tech entrepreneur? Book a sparring session where you pitch your idea in just 5 minutes and we'll brainstorm on it for 15 minutes. Together with introductions and a wrap-up this will take 30 minutes.

Pitch your HR Tech idea

The Idea Pitch

Want to really pitch an idea? Then we expect a little more. Apply by sending us a 3-slide or 1 minute video pitch. After approval we will invite you for a 60 minute sparring session: pitch for 15 minutes followed by a 40-minute brainstorm and a wrap-up.

Looking for HR Tech money and brains?

Smart Money Pitch

Want to take your HR Tech venture to the next level? Are you looking for money and brains?  Convince us in a 3 slide or 1-minute video and we'll arrange a pitching session with our smart investors. Be prepared to be challenged!

Excited to spar with our experts? Get in touch!

Use the message field on the left to tell us what we need to know upfront:

  • the type of sparring session you are looking for (Coffee@Corda, Idea Sprint, Idea Pitch or Smart Money Pitch)
  • what you want to get out of your sparring session
  • your preferred way of being contacted (mail, phone, other) and if applicable: what time of day (we are in CET!)
  • anything else you like to tickle our curiosity with ;-)
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