The rise of #Career #Owners


Robots taking over our jobs, AI making the decisions of the future. The ongoing war for talent. The rise of the gig economy, One thing is for sure: change is here to stay and is empowering people! They are taking charge of their careers and are increasingly becoming active Career Owners. HR is left with only one option and that is to evolve to HR 4.0.

A new equilibrium?

Technology is the driver of the changes we see happening around us. The impact of digitisation on HR is steadily increasing and has already pushed HR through several stages:

Consumerization of HR

Next to this technology 'push'   there is an increasing demand for social and collaborative tools that enable people to have a consumer-like experience. This consumerization of HR is blurring the lines between HR, marketing, real estate, communications and IT and is gradually creating an open system.

In such an open system the power will shift from centralized HR departments towards a new power equilibrium between Employer (manager, teamlead) and the Employee. The individual will become a true Career Owner who wants to own his data to actively manage his career. He will act like the consumer he really is.

Co-creating the future

At HR Tech Valley we are convinced that HR Tech should be an enabler that helps HR to focus on its core business: PEOPLE.

To deliver on this, rapid digitisation and consumerization must result in a new equilibrium co-created by HR Tech and HR. For that reason HR Tech Valley is an open innovation community that brings together HR Tech companies (our main focus) with HR Engagors and enables them to co-shape and co-realize HR 4.0.

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