Press Release (2017-01-12)

HR-Platform Taleevo moves to HR Tech Valley

Hasselt (Belgium) – Software company Stearn leaves its Brussels headquarters and moves to the Belgian town of Hasselt where HR Tech Valley is based. It also changes its name to Taleevo. ‘Within HR Tech Valley we have found partners which push our product and company to a higher level’, explains co-founder Arnaud Llamas Bravo.  Jochen Bessemans of HR Tech Valley is thrilled to welcome Taleevo: ‘The Taleevo software has the potential to become a platform that enables HR departments to deal with talent in the most efficient way imaginable. We are convinced that the intercompany cross-fertilization within our Valley will help Taleevo live up to this potential.’

Llamas Bravo’s platform is a so-called ‘Applicant Tracking System’ (ATS), software that helps HR handle the recruitment process. ‘But there are plenty of ATS’s around’, says Jochen Bessemans. ‘Helped by experienced HR Tech entrepreneurs within HR Tech Valley, people like Ben Greeven of Thalento®, the guys of Taleevo are enhancing their platform and are creating a tool that enables HR to manage and control the entire flow of talent acquisition and engagement. By the way: that’s what the new name Taleevo reflects - supporting the Talent Evolution.’

HR Tech Valley’s second immigrant

Taleevo is the second company that moves to the Corda Campus in Hasselt, Belgium, because of HR Tech Valley. The first one was the Dutch company Facelytix which was originally based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). This is remarkable since the launch of HR Tech Valley was only announced in November 2016.

Jochen Bessemans: ‘From the many reactions we have received at home and abroad we can conclude that  there appears to be a genuine need for a community in which HR Tech companies can interact and cooperate instead of trying to outsmart one another. And apparently companies are even prepared to move headquarters to get the most out of it, as Taleevo and Facelytix demonstrate.’

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