We are all #Career #Owners



Own your career!

We have to stop making a distinction between candidates, freelancers, business owners, high potentials in multinationals or artists,... They - nay, we - are all 'Career Owners'.

It doesn't matter if you are actively looking for a job or not. It doesn't matter whether you're happy in your career or looking to further develop professionally, As Career Owners we take our careers in our own hands. We decide where we work and who we work for. We determine which path our future will take.

After all: It is our career. So let's own it!

Challenge HR

The rise of the Career Owner is a result of the digitization and consumerization of HR. Career Owners present a new challenge for HR. They push HR and organizational leaders to spend more qualitative time on hiring, developing and retaining them - time which is too often taken up by processes. Time which will be freed up through the use of HR Tech solutions.

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