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Video Interviews and New Tech Sourcing Recruitment Trends You Need to Know

date: 28 / 03 / 2018 | written by Kelly Barcelos | comments: 1
In this gues blog Kelly Barcelos shares her views on the digital recruiting experience candidates have come to expect.

Recruiting nowadays is fast becoming a digital experience as candidates have come to expect convenience and mobile contact. Tech-savvy recruiters and hiring managers now have access to the latest technology with which they can connect with their candidates and strengthen the employment bond.

New technology is helping employers resolve their hiring challenges nowadays. An important factor in this is about maintaining the human element in your hiring process for everyone involved. The technology should only be used as a facilitator- it should not replace the human interviewer and the connection should be between the interviewer and interviewee (face-to-face interviews).


Speaking virtually face-to-face with your candidates, can give you a better understanding of the candidates. Conducting a video interview in the first round can help your hiring team narrow down the second round of interviews. A lot of companies are turning towards video interviews to speed up their hiring process.


Here are 5 hiring trends that you should know about:


  • Video Interviews

Video interviews are emerging as a tool to tackle the challenges of improving your candidate experience. You can use video games and cartoons to display life at your company in a very engaging manner. It has been discovered that job openings that are posted on Facebook and are made up of videos tend to receive 36% more applications as compared to the ones that have none.


The use of videos in the recruitment process nowadays is transforming the way interviews are conducted and also allows you to identify the promising candidates a lot more easily than traditional interviews which will also help you save money and time on the hiring process.


  • Mobile and Cloud Based Technologies

The biggest disruptor in the talent acquisition (TA) process today is experimentation with the various different tech solutions and services. More than 70% of TA systems come from third-party providers, whereby the vendors are looking to capitalize on the latest technologies. A lot of these are developing towards cognitive capabilities that are based on cloud and mobile technologies along with social media networks like LinkedIn.


Mobile recruiting has become a major issue for hiring managers, as a large number of job seekers access job listings through their mobile devices while they’re on the move. Recruiters are increasingly being forced to focus their recruitment strategies on mobile devices, mobile applications and ensuring that their websites are mobile-optimized. Therefore, mobile recruiting technology has to be understood and managed by your HR professionals. 89% of all job seekers state that their mobile device is an important tool in searching for a job and that 45% of them use it to search for jobs.


  • Applicant Tracking Systems

7 out of 10 recruiting companies in America use some form of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This trend has become a global trend as the Applicant Tracking system offers integrated video interviewing features that offer you a more applicant friendly approach to screening and hiring new candidates.


Visionary organisations have also begun to add features such as gaming and simulations to their Applicant Tracking Systems in order to connect with their candidates who are mostly millennials as well as to check whether they are able to complete the gaming tasks that are assigned to them. But only 6% of the global business leaders are using these gaming and simulation features to attract their job candidates.


  • Internet Sourcing

Internet sourcing is transforming the way that recruitment is done and is expected to go beyond the online recruiting platforms such as LinkedIn. Internet sourcing is the main driving force used in the hiring process. The internet has become the new meeting place for job candidates and employers. The new challenge for you is to find and evaluate all the candidates in the global talent pool that are fitted into your specific needs in a given time period.


An example of this can be seen with Angela Bortolussi who is a partner at Recruiting Social. Angela states that you should find out more about your potential candidates through sites like LinkedIn and use this information to engage with them. You can further use this information in your recruitment process but it can be an opportunity as well as a challenge. She claims that it gives recruitment a more human touch.


  • Collaborative Tools

Apart from simply matching the job applicants to certain roles in your organization, you need to clearly define a job role’s specifications. This is when collaborative tools are required. The use of collaborative tools is talent-centric technology that will allow you and your hiring managers to share data about certain candidates and job posts which will save you both time and money.


About Kelly Barcelos:

Kelly BarcelosKelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.


Rachel Built for Teams
11/04/2018 04:37

I find it so interesting how recruiting improves and revolves around social and technological advances. I think it will be a constantly changing practice as companies continue to compete for top talent and engage with their candidates.

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